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1940 Martin D-28 Herringbone

1940 Martin D-28 Herringbone: Waverly tuners, Original Tuners are in a box and they are working well. Serial No. 76298
Plays and sounds great!  It has a recently installed K&K Pure Mini passive pickup installed. 

In the early 1980s, I wanted a prewar D28 and searched far and wide to turn up what I could. I found 3 for sale.  George Gruen in Nashville had one.  David Grisman had one, and a collector in Denver, Colorado had one.  I bought all 3 with the understanding that I was going to return two of them.  They were all made within 3 years of each other and I was able to try them out side by side in my home.  This one that I chose was from the collector in Denver.  It was not the loudest of the three, but the tone is exquisite and it responds very evenly all over the fretboard. While I might not call it a cannon, some people do and I know it can always hold its own any jam session.   

The neck had been reset prior to my purchasing this guitar and it's still in great shape and I know it will be worry free for many years to come. It has a crack on the soundboard which had already been well repaired when I took ownership.  There was an accident which cracked the headstock while on my watch(I would rather not talk about it.  It still makes me a little queasy to think about.), but I do believe in full disclosure.  It has been repaired well and is barely noticeable.  I have had a couple of fret jobs performed on the guitar while in my care, the last was done just a couple of years ago and the frets are in great shape with very little wear. Nice, low action... it almost plays itself. I am now older with some physical issues and not the bluegrass player I once was, I figure someone else should be enjoying this great piece of history.  

134 D-28’s were made in 1940.  How many are left?