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Jackson Performer PS-6 Kelly Electric Guitar W/Case


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Jackson Performer PS-6 Kelly Electric Guitar W/Case
JACKSON manufactured the PS-6 between 1997 and 1998. 
This one has beautiful transparent deep red finish over flamed maple body... gorgeous

Jackson PS6T Kelly has been rated by 6 musicians.

Overall Rating    4.78/5
Features            4.78/5
Quality              4.22/5
Reliability/Value 4.93/5

Previous Owner's Review
This is the ultimate "step-up" guitar for someone who wants a bright, contemporary sound. Though it can't even be compared to my Ibanez JEM-7V, it is extremely nice for the money you pay. The finishes are great, because Jackson offers transparent finishes on flamed maple. Most of the woods are pretty standard (alder body; maple neck; rosewood fingerboard). The pickups are versatile as well. They are not too hot for jazz, yet not too mellow for metal. This guitar is for someone who is dedicated to their instrument but can't afford an expensive custom shop Jackson. Also, the shape is that famous, yet modern Kelly style much like the Gibson Explorer.

The construction is great and the tone is worth your money. This guitar can seriously squeal. The strings that come on it aren't that bad either, but it sounds great for Funk when you put some Elixirs on this thing.

If you are on a tight budget, and you don't want a piece of firewood like a Squire or Epiphone, BUY THIS GUITAR!!!

Serial Number 1051527