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1) Clarke Pennywhistle From SWEETONE DISPLY-BOX OF 10 CLRS

Clarke Tin whistle/Pennywhistle: Premium Craftsmanship. Proudly manufactured & produced in England since 1843. Robert Clarke invented the Tin whistle, also called the Pennywhistle, in 1843 in Coney Weston, a small village near Bury St. Edmunds, in England. He then walked across the country spreading the musical joy of his new invention. Soon after a factory was built, and the worldwide expansion of the Pennywhistle began. The Clarke Pennywhistle Sweet one Display Box of 10 Colors is a counter display of the first conical bore pennywhistles/tin whistles made with a plastic mouthpiece. The 10 Pennywhistles come in assorted colors. 5 in C and 5 in D.